Women’s Leagues: 

  • Ball Hockey        Barcode  1401125      Register before Sep 7             Heron CC
  • Rec Basketball   Barcode  1401160      Register before Sep 11           Ottawa Tech, Dempsey
  • Int. Basketball    Barcode  1401143       Register before Sep 10          Ottawa Tech, Hillcrest
  • Indoor Soccer    Barcode  1401514       Register before Sep 11           McNabb, Meadowland, Heron CC
  • Volleyball A/B    Barcode  1401762       Register before Sep 10           Brookfield
  • Volleyball C       Barcode  1401798       Register before Sep 12           Brookfield, Roberta Bondar, Hintonburg

    • League information – Team members register individually for the sport of their choice.  A team will be considered fully registered once the team captain submits the roster to our office via email to gws-ffs@ottawa.ca, and all the team members are paid in full.  Individuals also may register for a league and be placed on a team that needs players, or we can make up a team of individuals.

    • Team Captains - Email us at gws-ffs@ottawa.ca and we will send you all the information you will need for the season, including the roster, rules/regulations, deadlines and team contact meeting.  Please provide us with an alternate contact to represent your team if you are away.

Never Too Late Women’s Programs:

  • Basketball         Barcode 1401155           Register before Sep 25                Briargreen
  • Soccer              Barcode 1401545           Register before Sep 25                Briargreen
  • Volleyball          Barcode 1401851           Register before Sep 24                Centennial

  • It’s never too late to try something new.  This program includes skill development and game play.

Girls Programs: **New This Year**

  • Basketball         Barcodes 1402268 or 1407828       Register before Sep 26                Hillcrest High School
  • Soccer             Barcodes 1409066 or 1409067        Register before Sep 26                 Hillcrest High School
  • Volleyball          Barcodes 1409068 or 1409070       Register before Sep 26                 Hillcrest High School

  • These programs for girls ages 12-17 will develop the fundamentals and techniques of each sport through engaging drills and fun games.

Other Women’s Programs:

  • Ultimate Frisbee                        Barcode 1401747         Register before Aug 22                 TBD
  • Badminton game play                Barcode 1401119         Register before Sep 26                 Hillcrest High School

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